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Lourdes Public School and Junior College, established in 1996, is an award winning CBSE school located in the heart of Kottayam town in Kerala which is popularly known as “The Land of Letters, Lakes and Latex”. The school has been hailed as one among the top 100 Day Schools in India by the EW-C Fore National Survey 2013.

Lourdes Public School and Junior College is owned and managed by Lourdes Forane Church Educational and Charitable Society on behalf of Lourdes Forane Church which belongs to the Archdiocese of Changanacherry.

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When you look at schools, ask about the kinds of studies.

“Welcome to our Website. If you are seeking a school with a focus on excellent academics, character development based on moral values, unparalleled infrastructural facilities and thresholds opened for optimizing artistic and literary talents of students, you are at the right place.

Benjamin Franklin asserts: “Genius without education is like silver in the mine”; “Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a cleverer devil”, affirms C.S. Lewis.

Rev. Fr. Pious Joseph Paikattumattathil


The school has created the content and curriculum of the pre primary education with an objective of developing the cognitive socio-culture and psychomotor faculties of the child. The integration of these faculties and constructing the same as an interface or a jumping board to the formal education is formulated ...........
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School in the heart of Kottayam Town

With serene surroundings


Award winning school

One among the top day Schools


Holistic Education

With all modern amenities


Dedicated Faculty

Facilitating academic development

Focus on excellent academics

Why Lourde Academics is best Solution for Education

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The School can boast of a sprawling building which houses a well furnished administrative block, class rooms, the Science, Maths, Computer and Language labs. INFOZONE- a feature unique to Lourdes comprising of a Writers’ Gallery, Modern Library, Language Lab-cum-Seminar Hall, and a High-end Computer Lab- provides all modern amenities to students to facilitate their academic and personality development.


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The school focuses on quality teaching and learning for all students. It implements essential, aligned curriculum, ensures it is taught effectively, and uses multiple assessments to monitor student learning and guide instructional decisions.

Greeshma Remesh

So I’ve studied in Lourdes for 14 years, that is from LKG to 12th. And it really was the best days of my life. I read some bad reviews about the school but c’mon guys, everything has a good side and bad side. When I used to be a student there, we didn’t give importance to just academics and basketball, but lots of other stuff too. We had a variety of activities, like rifle shooting, karate, yoga, needle work and all those. We gave a lot of importance to basketball because we had a spectacular court and amazing players with us. I used to be a part of the basketball team and I must say Idikulla sir was one of the best coaches. Academics wise too the school is great . I don’t know about how it is now but father Joseph Karukayil really made that place one of the best in Kottayam. I’m a really proud Lourdean ♥️


An excellent place to learn. Gives equal importance to studies and also in developing our language skills in English . As a student for the past 12 years at LOURDES . I am very proud to be a part of the ❤️LOURDEAN FAMILY ❤️.

Savio George Sabu

Wonderful place to learn. Gives more importance for developing the English speaking talent in students. I was a lourdean and I’m so thankful to the whole lourdean community for nurturing my skills. A strict and disciplined school and that makes Lourdes the best CBSE school in kottayam and the second best CBSE school in Kerala. A school with good brand value that every student is proud to say that they are one among the louredan family. 😊


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