Infozone – a feature unique to Lourdes comprising of a Writer’s Gallery, Modern Library, Digital Library, Language Lab-cum-Seminar Hall and a High-end Computer Lab – provides all modern amenities to students to facilitate their academic and personality development.

Modern Library

The modern Library is well stocked with good reading material for the students. The school subscribes to magazines and periodicals and updates library shelves with latest books in a regular manner. Students are encouraged to make use of this facility to the maximum extend as separate library periods are allotted for each class.

Digital Library

Information is available at the finger tips in the larger scenario of knowledge explosion and the Digital Library in Infozone enables students to have a tinge of such an experience. Students can be in touch with online libraries worldwide and draw from the vast source of literature and science.

Language Lab

A well-furnished Language Lab is functioning in the Infozone to help to sharpen the linguistic skills of our students under the guidance of qualified teachers.

High-end Computer Lab

A high-end computer lab using Thin-client technology is installed into the Infozone to acquaint students with the latest trends in the field of Computer Science. Trained and qualified teachers guide students in this regard. The school has got an additional computer lab too which is maintained in a traditional way.

Science Labs

The school owns fully established and well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Students get ample opportunities to conduct experiments and demonstrations under the guidance of teachers with required expertise.


Conveyance in school bus is accessible to students pertaining to the existence of school bus routes and the availability of vacant seats. Registration towards this facility needs to be done in the first week of May.

Writers Gallery

Students are introduced to the legendary writers of various languages and era in the writer’s gallery.

Guidance and Counselling Wing

Students must be free of tension and stress to develop a healthy personality and to excel in studies. With a view to provide a space for them to open their mind and to vent out their anxieties, the school provides a professionally managed guidance and counselling wing. Students are regularly called for counselling and helped to manage various personal issues.