Taekwondo & Karate

This martial arts that consists of dynamic offensive & defensive strikes using all parts of the body to maximum advantage is included in curriculum to train interested students.

Vocal Music

Music is taught to the musically talented students to transform them into polished musicians.


Students interested in dance have an opportunity to learn folk and classical dance.

Art and Craft

Classes in painting, art and craft are conducted to the artistically inclined students to improve their skills in these entire fields and to foster creativity.

Instrumental Music

The students are given training in musical instruments such as Electric Organ, Guitar, Tabala and Violin. This develops the hidden talents in their finger tips.


Cookery training is conducted for girls to enable them to explore the world of cuisine and to create new recipes.


Special training is imparted to students in embroidery work enabling them to realize their artistic imagination with novelty. Further, it provides them a meaningful way to spend their free time.


Chess is an intellectual game which traces its roots to the great classics of India. Students are introduced to the basics and advanced realms of the game and get ample opportunities to participate in competitions in various levels.

Study Tours

Tours and picnics form an integral part of our curriculum where students learn a lot from real life situations. They add a sense of confidence and cooperation in them. Every year students are taken to educational and recreational destinations where a homely atmosphere and safety is ensured.

Sports & Games

The school ground has facilities for games like Basket ball, Foot ball, Volleyball, Shuttle Badminton and athletic items like Long Jump, High Jump, Short Put etc. to ensure the physical fitness of students and to inculcate healthy sportsman spirit in them. The physical education department organizes various outdoor sports competitions.


To develop a sound mind in a sound body and to relieve students from academic tensions we have introduced Yoga as part of co-curricular activities.