The school has created the content and curriculum of the pre primary education with an objective of developing the cognitive socio-culture and psychomotor faculties of the child. The integration of these faculties and constructing the same as an interface or a jumping board to the formal education is formulated so that the child is supported in the optimum utilization of his for her potential and blossoms into a balanced and mature personality and these forms the backbone of our Pedagogy.

The entire flow chart right from the entry of the child to the exit is a gradual process of building up these pedagogical attributes.  The outcome of the Pedagogy is aimed at adherence to these objectives without a substantial deviation but none the less giving allowance of variance according to the inherent strength of each child.

The pedagogic approach in the Kindergarten of our School draws upon positive education, based on love and confidence in the child. In our educational system, self-esteem is strengthened and the child’s self- confidence increases on gradual basis with adequate auto evaluation which is a prerequisite for a healthy self-confidence.

Healthy self-respect and self- confidence are the key to lifelong personality growth, and it determines the effectiveness of learning not only as the child but also as an adult in future in the broadest sense. This is our Mission, Objective and Accomplishment.